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12.1.00 - 12:01:16

it is strange how things change and don't change yet they don't exactly stay the same either. it is strange how i am cold and then hot and then not quite sure exactly what i am at all. i don't know. sometimes i'm just too tired to analyze any further.

today in my seminar, there were three very interesting things. 1) the window which no one has been able to open all semester was open. 2) there was an old and faded sticker on said window, resembling an owl or a giant insect. being at rice and all, my guess was owl, but my classmate beside me was leaning towards giant bug. eh, what does he know? 3) because of the curves on my travel mug and the placement of it on my desk and my legal pad on my knees, a beautiful yellow butterfly appeared on the side of my cup. when i moved my legal pad back and forth, it made the wings flap. i entertained myself with the butterfly for quite a while. after all, the discussion at the time was about whether we like special effects because they look like reality or because they're expensive. and i'm thinking, ok, both, we like them because they look like reality, but the more expensive they are, the more they look like reality. but this discussion lasted way longer than that. the butterfly was a nice distraction.

saturday is my mom's birthday. we have a campanile concert on sunday. i guess that's almost like a birthday present concert. almost. anyway, so if you know my mom, you should tell her happy birthday. december 2. oh, and if you're in town, swing by the house. she's having a PARTY. the roomies and i will see you there. 7:30. ish.

if any of you like classical guitar, you need to check out andres segovia.

lyn might get to go to cuba for a little while over break. her parents are going. she hasn't decided if she *wants* to go yet. how can that be something you're conflicted about? cuba! dude, i have wanted to go to cuba for soooooo long. it's less exciting than it was in the past, but i think it would still be pretty cool. you could go check out papa hemingway's inspirations and hang out with fidel and all that kind of cool stuff. i had a friend who was convinced that fidel was long dead and we were just seeing a body double. can't remember which friend for the life of me.

guys, reality is so weird.

i'm so doing all of my holiday shopping online.

the acoustic version of farmhouse is just as good as the studio version. i would say better, except i lovelovelove the studio version. i just found a recipe for a strawberry "pie" online that's 58 calories per serving. maybe because it's just strawberries, sugar free pudding, sugar free jello, and no crust. still, i don't see how i can keep myself from whipping this up sometime soon...

listening to elliot smith. son of sam.

i don't know what else to say. i'm going crazy or i'm going sane and can you ever really tell which is which anyway?

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