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12.2.00 - 9:21:05

you'll note that i put up a link to my wishlist. you'll note this because you can't miss it because the graphic is all up in your face. just a suggestion. and you know, i thought, ok, if you're a really good friend of mine, you should come up with something creative, but you know what? i don't think that's really true. because i'd be just as happy receiving something from my list. so don't feel like you're being uncreative. but you better hurry because trey just got his christmas bonus and he's about to buy me everything on my list, a pony, a tivo, and a plymouth prowler. trey's the best.

when angie and i were in boston earlier this summer, we went to see the boston pops. for their fourth of july show. the boston pops. it was cool, because that's what i've always seen on tv. and then we were there. and so was don mclean. he cut about half of american pie. it was disappointing. imagine if don mclean showed up some place and didn't play american pie. that would take some guts. but yeah, he played it, albeit an abridged version. anyway, while we were walking back to the t stop or wherever we were headed, there was this homeless guy back against the wall who was just screaming obscenities at whomever happened to be walking past him at the time. why did i have to take it personally? i don't know. i mean, my head was telling me, ok, he's got issues, it's not directed at me, etc, etc, etc, but still, i felt really sad about the homeless guy calling me a bitch and all the rest. it didn't really help to realize he was doing it to everyone. i don't know.

so my roommates think i need to be a pastry chef for the poor when i grow up. pastries bring people happiness. it's true. i made a lovely fruit tart for my mother's birthday. it's beautiful. my brother came down to surprise her. and then i went to surprise her again last night because she didn't think i'd be stopping by. so she had a good birthday eve filled with surprises. my mom's pretty cute sometimes. she called to tell me my brother had come in. i knew my brother had come in. she was surprised. surprises are muy bueno.

i have to give a five minute powerpoint presentation tomorrow. en espanol. it'll be ok. it's about guatemala. it doesn't have to be powerpoint, but with our new wired classrooms and all, it seems like it has to be powerpoint.

i wanted to make bread pudding the other day, but i've been holding back because we have so much stuff left from my last round of baking. we have a dress rehearsal at 5 tomorrow for campanile. maybe i'll bake for the orchestra. they would appreciate some treats. but i don't know. i'm sorta getting into this work groove now, which i think is good. but i'll be taking lots of baking study breaks, methinks.

can't wait until this friday when my research paper's turned in and my presentation is done and my other history paper is graded. yay for conclusions.

i really like michelle shocked and allison krauss doing 'prodigal daughter'. i was a little scared initially because it's more country than i usually like, but then it's not really country. more like bluegrass/folk.

according to the files in my shared directory, suggests i like the following musical styles. i would like to point out, however, that they count roy orbison as country and i don't. the first time i saw this list, i thought they were just listing all of the different styles. but no, this is what i have. it's interesting in that way that putting things into boxes with labels often is. interesting, but ultimately, not too useful. don't put things in boxes. and if you have to, don't label the box. just don't.

i would tell you what they categorized as traditional country, but the page won't reload. so maybe we'll just save that for next time.

Modern Rock Alternative Rock Adult Alternative Brit Pop Grunge Indie Rock Chamber Pop Indie Folk Indie Pop Jangle Pop Lo Fi New Psychedelia Space Rock Jam Rock New Wave Goth Rock Synth Pop Post Punk Power Pop Rock Classic Rock Acid Rock Garage Rock Blues Rock British Blues Rock British Invasion Folk Rock Glam Rock Prog Rock Southern Rock Hard Rock Guitar Rock Heavy Metal Funk Metal Hair Metal Industrial Metal Rap Core Punk Rock '77 Style Punk Hardcore Punk Pop Punk Ska Punk Electronica Acid Jazz Ambient Downbeat Trip Hop House Industrial Techno Swing Crossover Jazz Lounge Vocal Jazz Electric Blues Female Vocal Blues Country Alt Country Contemporary Country Country Rock Traditional Country Folk 60s Revival British Folk Contemporary Folk Singer-Songwriter Oldies Early Rock & Roll Rockabilly Pop Dance Pop Easy Listening Euro Pop Soft Rock Vocalists Hip Hop Pop Rap R&B Funk Disco Soul 70s Soul Contemporary R&B Motown New Soul Quiet Storm World Afro Pop Latin New Age Film Scores Novelty Children's Show Tunes

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