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12.14.00 - 1:34:37

ok, i don't understand. the clock on my computer is completely messed up. it can't keep time. not even close. i'm used to it being 5-10 minutes slow. but today when we left for our hair appt. at 6, my clock said 5:11. and i fixed it two days ago! even more ridiculous is this -- i just looked at the clock and in about 6 hours, it's slowed down 12 minutes. that's just ludicrous. especially because i actually use this clock for timekeeping purposes. it tells me when to go to school and all.

i took two finals today. they weren't that bad. you know, when i was in high school, we had semester exams, and i had this theory. it went like this. the semester exam was meant to test you over what you were supposed to have learned over the semester. now, it seemed to me that if you'd learned it over the semester, studying for it would be completely unnecessary. so you should only study the stuff you didn't learn the first time around. i think i've carried this philosophy with me through most of college (well, the liberal arts classes, anyway) and it serves me just fine. really, i go to class and read the stuff and pay attention. plus i haven't ever really perfected my study skills. and if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

zarate: hang on. i'm getting on that great american novel thing. give me about three years and maybe a lantern. i don't really know why a lantern, but it seems like it might be a good desk prop.

so last week i was talking to trey and he asked if i ate seafood because that was where he wanted to go for his birthday. and i said, well, of course i eat seafood. but does this place have key lime pie? and he was confused about why i would ask such a thing, and really, so was i because it came from absolutely nowhere and i don't even particularly like key lime pie. it just seemed like the thing to ask. and he's like, dude, i don't know, maybe. ok, so we get to the restaurant. at the bottom of the menu, in huge letters, is 'for dessert, try our key lime tarts!' and that was the ONLY dessert they had. trey and i thought it was very strange. the rest of the table thought it was kinda strange, but not mad crazy strange, so we chose to disagree. because it was mad crazy strange. totally.

today's lesson: shortbread only has three ingredients. butter, flour, and sugar. oh, and this version had corn starch but that just makes them a little meltier. that's not a word. i know. but you know what i'm saying. a cookie with its only binding ingredient being butter. who would have thought.

sometimes i get very panicked because there is so much i want to say and this finite amount of time to say it in. even worse, i don't even know what the finite amount of time is. i went through a phase in high school where i was pretty much convinced i would die in my sleep almost every night so i would go through my head and pick out the people i needed to fix stuff with and make sure i did that at some point before i went to bed. i still get that way every now and again. sometimes it just comes out in too many words. because i get scared that i won't have the time to say them all later. or at intervals. so if i have it, i should just let it go. and sometimes that can be weird for other people. so if you've ever felt weird about that, well, that's my explanation. it's not really that life is short necessarily, just that the definition of short can be so arbitrary.

it's very cold here. very. and i know i'm always cold, but this is even chilly for warm-blooded animals. i really want to read emily carter's new collection of stories. glory goes out and gets some. i just found out she was katie roiphe's sister. katie "the morning after" roiphe. we read that in my generation x & literature class. i found it interesting. doesn't mean i agree with her.

got my hair cut today. did what i always do, which is go in there with no plan and then tell them to do whatever they want. what's funny is that they always interpret "something different, i don't care" as "the same, just shorter". i think they're scared to take risks with other people's hair. but today she actually did do something semi-different, so that was great fun. i think i figured out one of my problems, though. i never wear makeup to the hairdresser's. so then when they're trying to figure out what sort of person i am and what sort of haircut would be appropriate, i'm the kind of girl that doesn't wear any makeup. so next time i'm going to go in with some electric blue eyeliner and black eyeshadow and see if that makes the hairdresser more open to taking risks.

saint-saens' aquarium has forever been soiled by that stupid huggies commercial. i wish they'd just use crappy music for advertising so perfectly lovely ones didn't get ruined by product association.

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