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12.17.00 - 11:55:16

so there's this commercial. time warner communications promoting their roadrunner high speed internet service (which we have, by the way, and it's served us way better than sucky southwestern bell dsl ever did). the commercial is absolutely ridiculous. at one point, the guy holds up a cable cable and telephone cable and says something like, we use the fat cable line, not the skinny telephone line. ohhhhh. so THAT'S how it works. honestly.

angie made focaccia from scratch today. it was good. exceedingly so. i think angie should make focaccia from scratch every day. so i sorta want a bread machine. but then i'll probably be the only college student alive with a bread machine. we already have a rolling pin and a lemon zester and a pastry blender. sometimes i also want a food processor. and sometimes i think i really should be a chef.

i need to put some sheets on my bed. i have like, four sets of sheets, but ever since it got cold and i got the flannel sheets, i can't sleep on the normal sheets. i'll have to wait until it heats up. so that means probably at least two weeks, knowing houston. i wish we had seasons here. it would be totally nice.

i also need to get cracking on my two final papers. i hate final papers. especially because i had to do three of them before finals even started. and then i had to take three final exams. i'm burnt out now. seriously. but i'll dig up the energy from some place for the next three days. and then this semester will be completely over with. that's definitely a positive thing.

going to miami in a week or so. for a week or so. that's sort of a long time. oh well. it should be alright, i guess.

man. you need to make all of your online purchases by midnight tomorrow to get it wherever in time for christmas. hmmm. maybe i should get started on that. oh well. still haven't gotten melissa a birthday present yet, so everyone else can probably wait. just remember that i don't love you any less just because your gifts aren't on time.

sorbet is good. i really believe that it's better than ice cream. haagen dazs makes a really excellent mango sorbet. and almost all dreyer's whole fruits sorbets are good. and the out of a flower stuff at whole foods is just mad crazy goodness. i need to pick up some of that sometime soon.

apparently shared directories don't show up as shared until you reboot. interesting. someone needs to fix it so you don't have to reboot your machine to get new stuff to work. i hate installing new software because it always involves rebooting. and i guess rebooting is not really all that traumatic a process, but hell, i could do with less of it. though i have to say that the rebooting frequency has declined exponentially since we got rid of swbell dsl.

at kroger, they sell 4 lb bage of frozen strawberries for $7. this is less than 4 times the price of the 1 lb bags. so now that we're onto this, we've got our plan for next semester, angie and i. we're buying that 4 lb bag. just so you know.

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