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12.19.00 - 8:49:23

drinking glass after glass of iced tea.

listening to jeff buckley's cover of leonard cohen's 'hallelujah' (beautiful if you haven't ever heard it).

working on a research paper that's getting longer and longer and longer. we're up to about 17 pages and i still have over half of my resources left to incorporate into the text. maybe we'll just leave some of those out.

wondering what the hell i'm going to write my final paper for engl 362 about tomorrow and thinking about how short a five page paper is.

forcing myself to resist the desire to cook because tonight i really don't have the time. i bet i bake something after i finish this research paper, though. even if it turns out to be four in the morning.

thinking it's only 8:47 and it probably won't take me eight more hours to finish this.

wishing my headache would go away and my paper would revise itself.

thinking about how heavy and ponderous gerunds can be. gerunds have a special place in my heart. always have. i wonder why.

realizing i should get back to work about now.

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