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12.22.00 - 1:13:49

there was an incident yesterday. it involved a chick-fil-a. at about 3 pm, i left the apt with my final paper for engl 362 (and lyn's) and went to campus to turn them in. while on campus, i thought, hey, why not weigh myself at the gym? i haven't done that for a month. so i did. which prompted me to head to chick-fil-a. so i call lyn on the way and ask her if she wants anything, and of course she does, because, hello, it's chick-fil-a. so now we have two poor students anticipating the savory goodness of chick-fil-a. main is a mess because i've been at the library looking at stuff and somehow it's become 4 pm the wednesday before christmas and people are going home early. i finally get on 610 and zip over to meyerland plaza. mind you, i've never actually been able to locate the chick-fil-a. in fact, until yesterday, i always referred to it as the alleged chick-fil-a because i seriously did not believe it existed. so i drive around this two block radius down beechnut and braeswood and the 610 feeder and i'm thinking, ok, it is NOT here. and i'm trying to remember what chris told me and all i can remember is corner of beechnut and . . . and i'm thinking it was and braeswood, but i see four corners of braeswood and beechnut and zero chick-fil-a's. so after about 15-20 minutes, i break down and call 411. of course, as soon as they connect me to chick-fil-a and the phone starts ringing, i spot it. so i hang up. it's not actually in meyerland plaza at all. bastards. it's down on beechnut after meyerland plaza ends. tricky, tricky, tricky. so i whip my car around into the drive-thru and roll down the window and this smell, this yummy chick-fil-a goodness floats into my car and i'm getting oh-so-excited about my food and i pull up to the speaker and order . . . and realize that i don't know where my wallet is. i'm placing my order and riffling through my stuff like a madwoman trying to make my wallet materialize. nothing. all i can find is my car change (not even close to $7) and my checkbook (yeah, fast food establishments don't normally take checks). so (INCREDIBLY pissed off), i cruise through the drive-thru back onto beechnut and head home. i call lyn on the way to relate the fiasco. i want to stick a fork in my eye. then, on the way home, there's a train. oh my god. i have never wanted to get out of my car and flip over a train with my bare hands so strongly before. but i had my seatbelt on, so i couldn't. then i get home. where's the package, lyn? see, we got a slip that said we had a package in the office and i was all excited about it. oh, false alarm. it was for the people who lived here before us. oh my god. yeah, i finished up my research paper extremely quickly and started watching law and order. and more law and order. and more. anger fading....fading....RISING!!...fading....gone. ten points if you can tell me where that's from.

then tonight. noteel and i went to see requiem for a dream. i felt sorta guilty because she had no idea what she was in for and i was just like, oh, it's a movie, it's kinda dark, it's supposed to be really good. oh lord. it was incredible. absolutely breathtakingly beautiful in this terribly disgusting way. at the end of the movie most of the audience just sat and shook in the seats for a little while. and then stumbled out of the theater in silence. we got down to the car. shook in the car in silence for a few more seconds. left the theater. wow. if you don't know what it's about, it's a story about four different junkies and the way their lives fall apart. but the way it's shot is just so amazing. i can't remember the last time i felt so like part of the movie. there were parts where i couldn't breathe. i think there were parts when no one in the theater could breathe. people clapped after it was over. no one ever does that anymore. i would have clapped except i couldn't move my hands yet. i came home and called blake and made him tell me cute happy things until i felt normal. and then i baked about 4 dozen shortbread cookies and everything is fine. you should go see it. helps you realize what's at stake when you're making choices in your own life. shows you how you can lose more than you ever had in the first place. so hopefully in the end it makes you a better person. maybe. but what's the worst case scenario? you walk out, stunned, with that vague feeling that's like, um, i think i liked it? and then maybe you get home and you decide you liked it and then you file it away with life is beautiful and dancer in the dark and happiness and american beauty and all those other movies that make you feel nothing. oh, that would be terrible. well, ok, i guess the real worst case scenario could be far worse than that, but we won't go there. see the movie if you see the chance, but not if you're like, completely emotionally unstable, because it's a lot. for all of you who are wondering, no, i am not completely emotionally unstable. but thanks for asking.

so those are the two things for tonight.

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