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12.31.00 - 11:24:34

it's about half an hour before we ring in the new year here in miami. wow. 2001. it's weird.

things i have seen worth noting:

1) the girl with a stunning profile and only an ok face

2) cat with six toes

3) cat with seven toes

4) a schooner

5) a seven-mile bridge

6) the atlantic ocean

i sat here with 7) typed out for a long time, obviously aiming for ten. but i'm guessing lists don't always have to count to ten. and neither do i. so there. you know that pink floyd song, what do you want from me? well, i like that song. i'm going to listen to it when i get back home. but first i might have to listen to the eels' last stop: this town. man, what a good song. tomorrow's the 1st and then it's the 2nd and then we go home. it's been nice enough here. i just really like home. i have to call jana tomorrow. it won't be 2001 at my apt until it's 1 here. time zones always sorta freaked me out. especially the one in india. it's half an hour off from everything else. when everyone else is on the hour, they're on the half hour. it's bizarre.

so anyway. i think i'm going to while the summer away working at some law firm in dc or ny. if i get lucky maybe i can actually get a legal internship with some organization i support. but if not, hey, whatever. i want to be in a big city with lots of people that i don't know. see, they're all potential friends. interesting. what's nice is you can make a whole life for yourself for three months and then walk away and never live that life again. it's very interesting to me.

breyer's makes a yogurt combo pack. black cherry parfait and raspberries 'n' cream. it's good stuff. ok, i'm out now. almost time to drink that bubbly.

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