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4.14.01 - 9:14


my head is aching and i'm wondering why we didn't make a big deal about friday the 13th this year. it's fun to watch superstitious people. and their paranoia. i'm not superstitious. i think it requires believing in things.

i'm listening to 'everything you've done wrong' by sloan. they've got brass in this. nice touch. i'm missing dave tomorrow. wish i didn't have to. i miss dave.

it's difficult when things break and you don't know how to fix them. you can do a few different things. spend the rest of your life obsessing about how to fix it. patch it up with some superglue. throw it out. arrange the broken pieces into something new. it doesn't have to be the same does it? it can still be pretty in its own way. if you look at it right. i guess.

it's not as though there's a jackhammer in my head. it's as though there's a small worm with big teeth chewing its way through my skull.

i'm so tired of it all sometimes.

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