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4.17.01 - 11:20

finally i walked out into the living room (tempted by the smell of boiling water? hell, i don't know). i see popcorn. i say, ah, it was popcorn. and all this while i was sitting at my computer thinking about water boiling. oh, but we did boil water, angie says. there was water boiling. i didn't smell the popcorn. i smelled the water boiling. i knew it. your nose remembers things you don't even know you knew.

cecilia, you're breaking my heart, you're shaking my confidence, baby. that's what paul says. i hear you, dude. i hear that.

i can still remember the prologue from canterbury tales. mrs. sachs said we would always remember it. it's in middle english, for god's sake. why do i still remember it? maybe it's just because she made that comment and i felt i had to make it true, at least for me. i should do a survey sometime and see how many fellow classmates still know it. yeah, that sounds like one of those projects that never gets started much less completed. not worth the effort at all. why? oh yeah, because i don't care at all. i would memorize things by setting them to song and making a recording which i would sing along to over and over again. it's how i memorized the friar's monologue in romeo and juliet one year. i wore a brown robe. it was supposed to be an friar's robe, you know. yeah. gerard manley hopkins makes me think of music. if you're feeling sinister, go off and see a minister, he'll try in vain to take away the pain of being a hopeless unbeliever...yeah, it's much the same.

listening to the beatles. i am the walrus. goo goo g'joob. remember how i used to listen to sunny day real estate in the seventh grade and now i find myself listening to them again? i think i'm liking a lot of emo stuff lately. feels good. i like this band jealous sound quite a lot, too. remember when i missed their show with death cab for cutie because i just felt too sad? yeah, that was a bad move. of course, dr. wolfe turned down tickets to dylan and the band because he'd never heard of them at that point and i don't think i'll ever be kicking myself quite as hard as he did.

how many love songs are there out called 'this is not a love song'?

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