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4.27.01 - 1:06

so classes are over. yeah.

if you asked her why she'd chewed off chunks of her cheeks, she would tell you that it was because she was under the impression that she was really made out of a thin candy shell. if you asked her how she came to believe this, she would look at you as if you were stupid and say nothing. it was difficult for her to drink orange juice, also to apply blush, but in the summers, she was now able to tour with a traveling freakshow, which those outside of the troupe referred to as a sideshow, in an effort to be sensitive. three christmases ago she lost her name and didn't know where she might find it, but it was not as upsetting as it might have been because she hadn't particularly liked it in the first place. amazingly, she could still enunciate relatively well, though sometimes there was a slight whistle. i have this to say: personally, i found it less annoying than your run-of-the-mill speech impediment (e.g. lisp). she decided she would call herself maria because she wanted to be certain there were songs about her but she didn't want to work too hard and she already knew there were songs about marias all over the place. at first she wanted to name herself dakota or ouisie, but she wasn't sure that those names appeared in any song the general public was familiar with (or really any song at all). so maria it was, though sometimes she still secretly referred to herself as dakota in her internal monologues. it wasn't that disturbing. you might have found it disturbing, but you wouldn't find it greatly disturbing (read: repulsive, threatening, frightening, etc.). unless you would have, in which case, you would be not only disturbed, but disturbed greatly.

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