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11.03.01 - 8:22

so it's been a while i guess.

not really a whole lot going on. we moved houses. it's the same. except a little smaller. and a little farther away. and i guess the floors are marble. and there are two bathrooms. and a pool. but i think it's closed right now. we're at a new internet place. it's called mistermani@. i guess it's pretty cool.

but like i said, smaller. our room is smaller. we don't have drawers anymore. that sucks. and there's kiddie madness. like MADNESS. they're loud. i hope they go to bed soon. there's also a security guard. he's kinda fat. i guess he has to watch all the kids. what a tough job. i bet someone drowns in the pool one day. not that i want them to drown. i don't want anyone to drown. in fact that's one of my least favorite ways of dying.

are you going to be gone when i get back? that's not nice. i guess it might be the sleep factor. or maybe the work factor. or maybe the way the world is just turning around and around and upside down.

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