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11.09.01 - 11:21

let's see. this is, what, the fifth place i've tried in two days to assemble my law school apps so i can print out the elusive certification letters and send them home to be distributed. this is the fifth place where i've failed miserably. either the place doesn't have a printer or it doesn't bring up my apps or it brings up my apps but can't download the stupid omniform plug-in and this is driving me mad. i've got three more places in mind and if these places don't work i really don't know what i'm going to do. grr. they'll work. they have to.

it's going to be so so cold today, rosa says. yeah, it's about 60 degrees. brr, right. everyone's walking around with scarves and long leather coats and we're walking around in long sleeved t-shirts because really, guys, 60 degrees in the blazing sun isn't uncomfortable. in fact it's perfect. thank god it stopped raining. thank god christina aguilera is no longer on the stereo in here.

spanish people think they're high tech because they all have cell phones. in fact, people often have three or four or six cell phones. why, you ask? why, i ask too. i can't figure it out. a phone starts ringing and they empty their pockets and lay their little toys out before them and pick up the one that ringing and say �d�game? but seriously, WHY DO YOU NEED SIX CELL PHONES? people in america don't carry around six cell phones. or four. or three.

i have 9 minutes remaining on this computer. grrr. i'm frustrated. so i'm going to go. do you know they have an ice cream machine in here? yeah, at least that, man. at least that.

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