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11.12.01 - 9:54

all she needs is therapy, yeah, all you need is, love is all you need...

songs that i would love to have with me right now:

ride with me, nelly
sing, sing, sing, travis
chorus, erasure
always, erasure
you had time, ani difranco
playground love, air
everest, ani difranco
adam's song, blink-182
don't leave me, blink-182
forgot about dre, dr. dre+eminem
just like anyone, aimee mann
red vines, aimee mann
wuthering heights, kate bush
island, heather nova
the kick inside, kate bush
hyper-ballad, bj�rk
i've seen it all, bj�rk
teardrop, massive attack
isobel, dido
central reservation, beth orton

maybe that's enough for now. man, i miss my music. even if i do have 75 hours of it with me. sigh.

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