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11.19.01 - 3:52

i really want to take a picture of the oranges for you but it's so hard. they line every street and the air smells like oranges but when i go to take a picture there's no angle that really captures what i see. last night we went and shot pool and the music in espa´┐Ża is always kinda iffy but there it was just odd. quiet storm elevator waiting room dentist's office on hold muzak jazz. it was unsettling. i don't really know why. i felt like i was inside a bad 80s movie or something. i kept waiting for things to happen in slow motion. there was a raised area and spotlights on ashtrays and heidi went and sat down with her drink and we sang her name because it was just that kind of lighting. met a boy named floyd and a girl named angelica. spent lots of time talking to kaspar from austria. sitting at the tex-mex bar at the beginning of the night. uh, do you guys have sarcasm in america, kaspar asks. in all seriousness. kaspar speaks good english, albeit with an austrian accent.

english reminds me of the real world, rapidly encroaching my fantasy land.

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