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11.26.01 - 11:24


we went to this museum this weekend. it was badass. spent the weekend in extremadura. it was sunny and beautiful and we had a lovely thanksgiving dinner on saturday night in c�ceres and it was great. spent time in m�rida, trujillo and c�ceres. went to an awesome club in trujillo and i'm not really one who loves clubbing. it was called la abad�a and it was just beautiful. i couldn't believe it's out there in trujillo which is just some random pueblo. whatever. so anyway. this is the first internet access i've had since thursday and i'm a little backed up as far as emails go. i need to post pics from granada and all the places we've been since and it's just a lot of work and this city just isn't conducive to getting stuff done. but i'll try harder. promise. we didn't have class today because only two people showed up. i'm getting my hair done this afternoon. and there are other things i need to take care of. you know what, i'm just not into this right now. the weekend was crazy and fun and beautiful and now i'm going home to nap and eat and nap and move on with my life.

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