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04.19.02 - 7:03

i really like san francisco. lots of sunshine, lots of live music, lots of good food and good company. not that you can't find these things elsewhere, but they're working out for me nicely here. went and saw the jayhawks do a special acoustic set at slim's earlier this week. so beautiful. who else have we seen? convoy, freeloader, the cash brothers, ryan adams, art alexakis. all such lovely intimate shows. we're going to see some old rice band play tonight at some dive bar a couple of blocks from my house. how about that. we've run into old rice friends on the street twice now. how crazy is that? i mean, i guess i knew a bunch of them were out here, but still. running into people on the street is weird. i don't care what you say.

so anyway, i haven't been writing much. the job is great. the weather is perfect. everything's pretty beautiful. i had so much energy yesterday i walked 16 blocks down bryant to the gin joint instead of catching a bus. ray's leaving so they had a little happy hour thing for him there. ray looks a whole lot older. no one else does. time moves slowly here.

law school starts this fall. how crazy is that? august 20th. wow. 4 months exactly from tomorrow. it'll be so different going from 9-5 to school again. but 9-5 has never been so much fun for me. i'm doing something interesting, yet not too mentally taxing, working with people who are actually funny and smart and interesting, wearing jeans to work. everything's coming together. i love my new house too, by the way. even if i WILL be moving at some point. i'm listening to the white stripes' "you're pretty good looking" and typing in the sun using stolen wireless bandwidth and waiting for melissa to show up so we can decide what our plans are for tonight after the band since it's an early show. maybe we'll do nothing. i gotta call my brother after and see what he's up to, too.

things are going very well. i'm pleased. graduation in a couple of weeks. it'll be so weird to walk across that stage surrounded by people all excited about graduating when i already feel like i've been done for FOREVER.

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