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12.7.00 - 8:42:06

chris says the boy scout motto is 'always be prepared'. i think he's just throwing that always in there because 'be prepared' sounds more familiar to me than 'always be prepared'. but i will NOT be the dorkier dork and look it up on the web. though i have to say, chris, i am hanging my head in shame about the hamlet thing. especially since i reread it as recently as this semester. grrrrr....

dar william's 'the ocean' is a beautiful song. it took me many listens to admit that it was as good as 'iowa', but i'm there. it's absolutely lovely. my musical tastes are moving towards folk-pop-chamber-pop-indie-folk-anti-folk-lo-fi-jangle-pop-blah-blah-blah according to all of the indicators that put you in boxes and label them for you. listening to chris isaak. blue spanish sky. smooth.

the onion had absolutely the most hilarious editorials this week. you must read them. you must. i refuse to link to the onion because you should be reading it every week anyway.

when trey was 12 he fell asleep at les mis. on broadway. trey, trey, trey. we are shaking our heads in mock disappointment.

so the cable guy came today and fixed the weak signal that was causing the cutouts with the cable modem. how did he do this? he removed the splitter from the outlet in my room so my tv no longer gets cable. this isn't so much a big deal because i've watched the tv in my room about twice all semester. what i was sorta annoyed about was the fact that all the phone support they can offer is 'unplug it and then plug it in after a little while', but removing the splitter, no, that's a big job, we have to send our guy out there to fix that problem. honestly.

so maybe i'll go to europe this summer. melissa says she would be interested in going to europe this summer, too. i really love europe. and then i could do my semester in spain after that. i can't wait to really know spanish. angie and i watched el mariachi the other day. not a bad movie. (and by the way, ang, it's apparently the prequel to desperado, according to blake at least). we both think they were speaking extraordinarily slowly, though, because we could totally understand chunks of it. they still talk really fast on sabado gigante, though...

this cable modem working all the time thing is really great. i'm a big fan of it continuing.

ok, so i'm doing one last big once-over of my research paper and calling that one done. i can't believe i actually did this paper in three days. and it wasn't even stressful. not at all. in fact, yesterday i napped from 12-3 and went to bed at 11. and didn't get up until 8. i mean, we're talking about getting mad crazy amounts of sleep. it's been surprisingly un-busy this week. and yet the stuff is getting done. it's amazing.

lyn and i are making hair appts. together next week. awwww....isn't that cute? lyn's getting her hair done reddish. i'm excited. it was my idea. i think it's going to look absolutely lovely. myself, i'm going to go in for the same haircut i get every time, which i call "do whatever you want to my hair". sometimes this is a good plan and sometimes it's just boring in the end. but regardless, it's minimal effort on my part. besides anyone who sees me on a daily basis can vouch for the fact that i really don't care what my hair looks like anyway. or what i look like, really. though i have to agree with most of you at this point, yes, i have gotten a little too skinny. there's something i never thought i'd say. girls never think they're skinny enough. except when they do, i guess.

something strange and new and different happened yesterday. there was an episode which upset me to the point of tears. but after the episode, i wiped the tears away and sorted out my thoughts and cleared my head and fell asleep. it was amazing. there has been lots of noise in my head since then periodically, but no more tears. it's fascinating. a month ago and i probably would still be crying from last night. i surely wouldn't have been able to get to sleep. so maybe the drugs are doing something.

sometimes not feeling anything is better than feeling the sadness when the sadness gets as dark and heavy as it does here.

i wrote a poem in my head during the last hour of seminar today, but now it has completely evaporated. i would be upset except that it wasn't very good in the first place.

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