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12.19.00 - 06:10:22

angie went home today. we miss her. angie taught me how to drive a stick shift yesterday. that was fun. and also a lot easier than i thought it would be.

i have a bruise on each knee. that's not cool. i don't know from where.

my thoughts are floating about in my head, randomly colliding but making very little sense right now. listening to frente. thinking about john dos passos. wondering if elizabeth wurtzel already wrote the book i'm working on. thinking about the way things arrange themselves. the way things work.

got a letter from susy today. all the way in the south pacific on her peace corps mission. we miss susy, too. that chick is cool. next semester, more letters to susy.

i feel bad about not writing archana. she's coming back in january, though. i'll make it up to her in some fashion. my brain has just been weird this semester. weird.

now this is me just talking because i have white space. i really have nothing to say but i'm typing in a scrolling box and every time i finish a line another one begins for me automatically and i feel like i can't stop. this happens to me sometimes. there was a point in the semester where i thought i was getting the hang of it, starting to feel ok about leaving white space at the end of letters and stuff. no, i was wrong. i can't do that. and when i'm writing in a scrolling box where the limit of the whiteness is infinity, oh, it's terribly difficult. especially on a night like this when my brain's been off for at least an hour and a half and my fingers are just working on autopilot. that's it. they stopped. just now. my fingers, i mean. i think they're done for the night. it's probably a very good thing unless reading complete drivel entertains you for some reason. we're going to bed now.

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