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4.8.01 - 12:32

my head is fuzzy and i am tired. i have been listening to lots of rent. what a good musical. we had a four hour rehearsal this morning. there is a concert on wednesday. i'm losing it, but in a relaxed, tranquil manner. i cleaned all afternoon. the apt looks nice. i'm listening to nelly furtado and thinking about lady lazarus (again). i guess i have work i should do. later.

i know all of your imperfections, he said. i know. does it make you uncomfortable? no. it really doesn't. really. i wonder why.

when you yawn and open your mouth really big tears come out. i don't cry much anymore. or ever, really. just certain circumstances. i don't deal well with confrontations, i guess. angie and lyn are asleep in the living room. coldplay was on snl tonight. i wish they'd done high speed.

there is a green plastic lei on the floor. they were out of them and that one was actually jesse's and i didn't get one so he gave me his. that was nice of him. it is ugly and cheap. it is made out of green garbage bags. it is more exciting than a paper cocktail umbrella, however.

my bed looks comfortable. it's fortunate that i changed the flannel sheets for normal cotton before i got sick. flannel sheets with that fever would have been such a terrible idea. and i wasn't in any shape to change them. good call, there. i still have a little bit of a fever but i think what's really happened is that my normal body temperature has just gone up a little bit. the better to fight things with and all that. in spanish you are allowed to use run-on sentences. you see them all the time. the english language is not so forgiving. i need to start requesting law school applications. maybe i'll do that right this minute.

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