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4.22.01 - 11:06

'i'll give you my hand if you reach out and grab it, let's walk away from this hell...'

listening to 'into the dark' by the juliana theory. this is how emo bands name themselves apparently. they're often theories or projects in involving someone's name. it's a good song. some of their stuff is pretty good.

i don't know where i was going or why, but i know the thing that made me come back, i.e. bad music. it's funny the things that hold you here sometimes. if you listen really carefully you can hear the hum of them inside your head. i hate that sound. i can remember what's important to me without it. i can't make it go away. i doubt you could either.

i like words. angie and i made collages the other day. hers is all pictures. mine is covered with words. it's amazing what we can do with words. i'm in awe. my newest guilty pleasure is this band hepburn. 'i got the news' is really a pretty good song. if only because it has the line 'he's a 7-11 star.' i don't really like the chorus but the verse parts are pretty.

yes, the punctuation ALWAYS goes inside the quotation mark, at least here in the US of A. in the UK they do things differently. they also boil all of their food until it's a grey, tasteless mush, so maybe it doesn't really matter so much where they put their commas and periods.

keeping an eye on quebec city, everyone?

we are approaching a world with real deadlines and rules and such and that's a little bit frightening sometimes. in college when things are due, it doesn't really mean they're due. i see these due dates as a sort of recommendation, and yeah, i almost always turn things in on time, but it's not like i stress if i can't. i find profs are usually pretty understanding in that respect. but whoa, you step out that door and now you've actually got deadlines because you've got a product launch on may 15th and that's not a suggestion or a guideline, that's when that needs to be done. for real. i guess that's how things are in the for real world.

now i'm listening to 'sister christian.' why do i think you're interested in a minute-by-minute account of the music i'm listening to? hell, i don't know. what's your price for flight.

it's a shame that most of america's only exposure to soul coughing is that circles song they played on the radio about seven times. irresistible bliss is such a good album. how can you not like a song like soft serve? and super bon-bon's just a cool song. so yeah, you should give soul coughing another chance. bands with talent don't get much of a shot on today's radio. but it helps if you're pretty.

let me insert a totally shallow and completely irrelevant remark right here: i find myself completely repulsed by christina aguilera. i think she has a decent voice, but lord, she comes off as such a skanky bitch (as we put it in this apt). i really can't stand her. she sorta looks like some kind of snake when i look at her now. it does not greatly affect my life. it's surprising how few things really do.

'we dance' by pavement is a really good song. what's even more fun is that cat power does a cover. and i must add a note about gorky's zygotic mynci. for months and months i avoided them because everything told me i would like them based on my other selections or whatnot and i was like, whatever, i'm unpredictable, you can't tell me what i like. but i finally caved and checked out some of their stuff, and of course, i really like them quite a bit. if you like belle and sebastian i think it's almost a given. very similar feel to their sound. plus they've got a song called 'eating salt is easy.'

sometimes i really really want to hear the zanzibar song one more time.

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