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11.21.01 - 11:13

lauren says this is how things are and she spells it out in three or four simple declarative sentences, one independent clause, no dependent clauses, facts or close enough. then she looks at them and you and says, it's all so boring and it is.

you already know certain things. you know what goes up must come down but you don't know anything about the laws that govern such situations. you know physics but you can't believe in it. she said, just because i'm an atheist doesn't mean i'm communist. he said something about george bush that didn't make any sense. i looked out the window and turned back and asked if they have the tooth fairy in spanish and he told me that they have the tooth mouse instead and i thought about how creepy that would be. i sat there staring at the floor for at least ten minutes straight because the space heater was blowing the dust around and somehow this translated into shadows as ripples of light like water and it was beautiful but in an eerie way. then i don't know what happened but i felt the need to start shoving things off the corner of my desk just to hear them fall and he looked at me and asked, what's the deal, but i didn't have anything to say so i just pushed my pen off the edge of my desk and stared at the ceiling. i would very much like to hear bj�rk do hyper-ballad right now. very much.

it's real early morning
no-one is awake i'm back at my cliff
still throwing things off
i listen to the sounds they make
on their way down
i follow with my eyes 'til they crash
imagine what my body would sound like
slamming against those rocks
when it lands will my eyes
be closed or open?

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