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12.5.00 - 8:54:52

i just stopped myself from sending my prof an email apologizing profusely for missing an appt at 12:30 on tuesday. see, the thing is, today's not tuesday. so i didn't miss it. i still scratch myself in my sleep.

mojave 3 is easy on the ears.

we're doing an opera for campanile next semester. pretty exciting. it's going to be long. really long. it can be a real pain in the ass to have to play for vocalists, but we'll hope it goes smoothly.

listening to brenda kahn. mojave winters. i really like her song christopher says. music. can't get away from it.

we got our cable modem today. this is a very exciting development for an apt. that's been sans dsl for the past however long. swbell sucks, yo.

ugh. listen to this. sometimes i feel like i'm being swallowed by the one thing i want to say. the one thing i want to say, but i don't know how to say it and i can't but it's keeping me from saying anything else.

i'm becoming more me and maybe that is frightening like reality. when you're young, everyone that's taller than you is automatically omniscient. it's not that way anymore and it never will be again.

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