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11.14.01 - 7:14

this place feels like a ghost town. no students. no profesores. no estudiantes. i wonder how long this strike is going to last and also if i'm ever going to get 'rattlesnakes' out of my head. i don't like adbots. i do like the onion.

sometimes i'm just sitting around and i think, people are afraid to merge, from less than zero. sometimes i think, people are afraid to merge and i think, he liked his coffee really faggy, lots of sugar, lots of cream, from rules of attraction. i don't know why these two things but i think about them a lot.

i think my new favorite spanish word is joder. as in, �hombre, joder! you have to say hombre the right way though. i guess i can show you when i get back.

today is november 14th. in exactly a month i will have finished taking my finals here. a week or so after that i am meeting hilary in france and we are going to have the best time traveling through france and italy and switzerland. i'm so excited. so excited. we'll be in ROME over new year's. how fabulous is that going to be? right after hilary leaves i'm meeting melissa in amsterdam. we spend a week there, filling ourselves with van goghs and chocolate, maybe also in the reverse order.

and then home. i don't want to think about it. i like this fantasyland we're living in here.

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