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11.17.01 - 4:02

when it's cold we sleep the day away, wake up, and eat the rest of it.

yesterday heidi said, hurry, get into the elevator and i hesitated and stepped in and the door actually hit me. i think they have safeguards against that sort of thing in the states. i mean, i can't remember that ever happening to me before. ever. get with the program, espa�a.

last night was weird. we didn't do anything and yet it ended up being 4:00 like a normal fun night but it was so low key. what did we do? sat at o'neill's and listened to a spanish cover band doing 'love will keep us alive' and 'who'll stop the rain' and then we couldn't take it anymore so we left. 'he's...remarkably accentless,' nadia commented. yes, yes he was. and that's about all we have to say about that. i haven't put any new pictures up in a while. i have a bunch from granada. i'll work on it soon. promise. we left o'neill's. walked past some random bar having some random party. nadia and i walked on the wrong side of the rail. what, the guy says. what, you want what? to pass, nadia says. oh, you want my phone number! well, this is impossible, i have a girlfriend! we laugh, mostly because he's speaking english. we laugh some more. he looks at us and says, well, maybe it is a little possible...maybe in one hour it is a little possible. oh, you. we laugh and walk on down the street to sloppy joe's pizza inn where we have the best pizza we've had thus far in spain. mmm. i get a phone call and i talk to jon for half an hour in the doorway. it's not exactly cold. we walk on, baby, walk on, yeah. meet kaspar and friends in the botell�n. they're speaking english with a german accent and i can't handle it. we walk away and meet some spanish guys and girls and one of their dads works at the cruzcampo factory. um, huzzah, i suppose. we talk. we decide to find some disc�teca named the blonde, or is la voz, but no, that's all the way in triana and we don't want to go there, and they tell us the way we're walking there's nothing but soldiers but we leave anyway and find nothing and go back home a different way and along the way we see a cat scurry into a little hole in the wall. we try to look in and hear it jump away, scared. i understand. we get home and sit around in the street talking and go upstairs and heidi gets shushed. it's always heidi that gets shushed. we go to bed and wake up and it's 2 and time for lunch.

today i checked my law school status and my application has been received by berkeley and they've looked at arman's rec letter and huh. it's for real.

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